the experience

Oh Deer! - the experience

The idea of using a deer-hunt as the framework for the film is that it gives the spectator a range of interpretations, and through that an opportunity to bring her own, personal references into the experience of the piece. Another aspect of the project is the manner in which the film is presented.

”I’d like to see this more as a combination of film and art installation”, says Peter Pontikis, director and main creative force behind the project. ”In order to see the film the spectator will have to put a deer-head on its own head and through that action become the deer for the duration of the film.”

The deer-head will tour with the film it self. In addition, the spectator will be standing in a foley box filled with leaves and sticks

” the total experience of being this deer in a forest is as close to real as it gets!”, says Peter.

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